Our company activates in exporting from Cyprus and Greece all over the world.

Our aim is to export goods and products from Greece and Cyprus in the European Union or from any other third country, when required from the corresponding market.

Our company does not allocate herself the products that she exports in the market of the intended country, but only to companies of distribution that allocate the exported products from us in their country or to wholesalers or retailers and they in turn allocate them to the consuming public. This however does not exclude the direct disposal of our products abroad, if this is required by some individual customer and the quantity is large.

Our company produce and distribute many products in local market and especially in Hotels, restaurants, taverns, catering, cafe, mini markets and super markets. 

The philosophy of our company is very simple, we produce products with minimal cost to our factory and we sell direct to end users.
We provide to our customers fast delivery and lower prices in the Cypriot market and this is due to our distribution network